Renato Nunes PBR Bull Rider

Article about PBR Bull Rider, Renato Nunes, career.

Nunes was a PBR(Professional Bull Riders) Bull Rider for 11 years (2005-2015)  and a Pro Bull Rider for 12 years.  He retired at the end of the 2015 PBR Season, at the finals in Las Vegas.  Over his career, in the PBR, he had 856 outs and 401 rides. 

Nunes has had some very memorable moments in his career.  During the championship round draft in St. Louis, MO, in 2008, he scored a 95.75 point ride on Chicken on a Chain.  It was the 11th highest score in PBR history.  He was also the second person, in PBR history, to win the World Championship and the World Finals in the same year, 2010.   Mike Lee was the first to accomplish it in 2004.  Over his career Nunes qualified for the PBR Finals ten times. 

Nunes came from Buritama, Brazil.  After doing Touring Pro Division events for three months he started riding in the BFTS (Build Ford Tough Series).  His first PBR BFTS ride was at the Tulsa, OK event.  Over his career in the PBR, he helped the other Brazilian bull riders, the rules of the PBR, and the judges.  Nunes also became famous for his off the fence back flip when he would ride a full eight.  
Nunes announced his retirement during the 2015 PBR World Finals, after his ride on Gangster Wildside.  He retired at 34 years old and moved back to Brazil with his wife and kids.  One of his daughters, who is 11, is currently bull riding.