YETI Expands PBR Partnership while Ford Diminishes. Monster Steps up to the Plate.

photo: Terry Good / SmithPRO LLC

2017 seems to be the year of expansion and reduction. PBR announced Jan 5th that YETI will expand their PBR sponsorship and coverage to highlight the bulls that also compete each week at the events.

photo: Terry Good / SmithPRO LLC

Rumor has it, PBR Sports Agents from XD Sports had a connection at YETI that led to the sponsorship of some of their athletes. That relationship grew to cover many of the bull riders in the PBR BFTS as well as the PRCA. YETI became a corporate sponsor of PBR during that time.

Obviously, this partnership with the PBR was beneficial financially to cause them to expand their relationship and become more involved with the PBR.  

photo: Sheri Smith / SmithPRO LLC

Ford no doubt has also seen success in this industry and it is just this year that they are not the title sponsor of the PBR, being replaced by Monster Energy.

A few years ago rumor was Monster was pulling out of PBR - which goes to show rumors are just that. PBR announced on the 5th of January, 2018: 

"Through this partnership, Monster, which has sponsored PBR riders and events since 2011, will have the primary marketing rights to PBR’s 25th anniversary tour, now called PBR 25TH UNLEASH THE BEAST TOUR."

So, for 2018 we have YETI and Monster expanding....and Ford decreasing.

This makes me want to do a little investigating into other major sponsors of the PBR.

Who is still in?

Rock Star .....check

Jack Daniels.....check
Cooper Tires.....check
Pneu Dart.....?
Total Feeds.....gone in 2017
Dickies.....gone in 2017
Jack Links Beef Jerky.....?
and many more so take a peek on the PBR website to see who are this year's national sponsors!

Another new one, or is it new?  Real Time Pain Relief was and is the title sponsor of the PBR Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour but in 2018 is expanding into the PBR BFTS...wait, I mean the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour.  Or was the PBR 25th Anniversary Tour (not BFTS - Built FORD Tough Series)

Of course, I haven't seen a press release yet about RTPR but rumor has it.... we'll see if that rumor is true or not!

Facts are - 

"2018 PBR Unleash the Beast 25th Anniversary Tour airing on " CBS and CBS Sports Network will air 52 total premier series telecasts this season." (PBR Press Release on Jan 3rd.)


the all new "title sponsorships of the YETI World Champion Bucking Bull and the YETI Built for the Wild Bull of each PBR premier series event." (PBR press release June 5th)

Let's not forget that they are also expanding coverage of the Velocity Tour and other rodeo events on the new "channel". More details to come.

Now let's take a peak at who is sponsoring which athletes. According to PBR:

"Monster became an official league partner in 2013. Monster’s stable of riders now includes two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney (2013, 2015) World Champion Guilherme Marchi (2008), Gage Gay, Derek Kolbaba, Jose Vitor Leme, Chase Outlaw, Mason Lowe, and Robson Palermo."

photo: Sheri Smith / SmithPRO LLC

"Additionally, YETI has signed endorsement agreements with Stormy Wing (No. 7 in the world) Gage Gay (No. 28), and Rookie of the Year contender Cody Teel (No. 11), joining 2017 World Champion Jess Lockwood, two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney, 2016 World Champion Cooper Davis, Derek Kolbaba, Chase Outlaw, and Reese Cates as YETI-sponsored riders."

Change can be good and bad and time will tell which is which.

I can say one thing - the riders, the fans, the people in the industry - love to watch PBR!

Author - Sheri Smith